Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers

The holidays are coming up and it might be a stressful time if you are out of ideas for what gifts you should get for your loved ones. If your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, siblings, parents or anyone whom you’d like to surprise loves being active, enjoys doing sports, hitting the gym and just in general striving to be the best version of themselves, we have some cool ideas for gifts they will definitely love!

Protein & supplement packages

Fit people usually love fit and healthy snacks – especially this time of the year, when there are charming, guilty treats everywhere. Having healthy but delicious options on hand will always help with the urgent cravings and get us through the holiday season without putting on those extra kilograms. First of all, find a good looking box or jar –which the recipient will even be able to use later, when all the treats are gone- and then fill it with all sorts of fitness goodies: packets of protein powder in different flavors, protein, granola bars or energy bars like PROBAR, dark chocolate bars, little packets of nuts or even other supplements that come in travel size packaging: like a shot of L-Carnitine of BCAAs.

Special, healthy foods


And if we mentioned healthy treats for the supplement packages… I believe most of the fit and healthy girls and guys already stocked up on healthy food, however, there are always a few things that can make a wonderful addition to the everyday items – something that is a bit more special and also yummy but healthy at the same time. A good example might be flavored, high protein peanut butter or the World of Chia fruit spread with chia seeds, sweetened with agave syrup. They would take their morning oats to a whole new level, don’t you think?

Another great idea would be an Ultimate Pack of Probar for friends who like being active and spend timing outdoors. With this variety pack they get to try products from five different range, including wholefood meal replacement bars, chia seed energy bars, protein bars, energy chews and gluten free snack bars. It’s a great deal and will be one of their favorite gifts of the season for sure!


Workout wear

Getting new sports gear is a great motivation to stay active and really makes you excited and look forward to your next workout. This gift is a bit tricky because you need to know the other one’s size and style to choose the perfect piece – however, if you keep the receipt they can always return it and get the right size if you guessed wrong. If they have a favorite brand, like Nike or Adidas, then your job is already much easier, but I would also recommend checking the currently most popular American and European fitness brands that in Taiwan are available online, like Gymshark or Gym Aesthetics from Europe or Alphalete from the US.

Sportsbra: USA Pro / Top: Soulcal / Leggings: Gymshark / Shoes: Adidas

Seasonal accessories

Whether it’s biking, swimming, lifting or running, all the sports have their own accessories – and most differ by the season.  So getting a few seasonal accessories is always a good idea – especially if you don’t know what size they wear and can’t buy them clothing, or if you want just a smaller gift without having to invest money. The top suggestions are special gloves, scarves, hats or headbands, but if you walk into any sports store, you’re bound to find a wide variety of seasonal accessories for most sports.

Skin care and bath

Photo: Lush Cosmetics Instagram

We don’t mind getting soaked in sweat during our workouts, tiring ourselves out to the point where all our body parts are shaking – and after such experience there is nothing better than pampering our exhausted body a little bit. I think it is especially true for girls, but I am sure fit guys also secretly love a good relaxing pampering session after a tough workout. Nowadays there a lots of creative brands out there selling high quality, organic skin care and bath products: a refreshing shower gel, a scented bath bomb, a moisturizing body lotion, all kinds of face masks – there are so many great options to choose from! Based on their habits (do they love to soak in the bath or just quickly shower?) and the scents they like (obsessed with coffee or coconut?) you can surely find the most suitable, perfect pampering product for the fit person you have in mind.


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