Christmas diet and workout tips and tricks

Our guide on how to stay lean during Christmas time, avoid gaining weight and still enjoy your festivity

It’s Christmas time! A great and long-awaited chance to gather together with your family and friends and celebrate this holiday. You will eat a well-deserved mountain of festive food during social gatherings and special occasions, going from turkey to puddings and mince pies all the way through rib roast, goose and lasagna, depending on your traditions. Delightful, indeed! But what about your workout and diet during the holidays? Here are our tips to build a solid Christmas diet plan and workout routine.


It’s very easy to overdo during the Christmas holidays, eating too much, skipping the workout routine that we systematically followed for months before, maybe partying a bit too much together with family and friends and not following our diet.

Sometimes, though, a cheating period is necessary in order to not become too obsessed by a certain routine, with the result of getting tired of it and ultimately quitting it. Remember that keeping a balance is one most important ingredients for success in life. Also, taking some time off responsibilities and routines is necessary to make your body and mind rest and recover. There are some tricks, though, to minimize the loss of the holiday period for fitness people and develop a concrete Christmas diet and workout routine:

  • Eat more protein: eating more proteins will help you maintain your muscle mass and boost your metabolism. So, if you go out for dinner with your friends, opt for a steak with salad instead of a pizza, and if you decide to drink, avoid the sugary cocktails and choose instead a glass of red wine that contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals and has positive effect on HDL, the good cholesterol.
  • Eat slowly: if you eat at a slower pace you’ll feel full faster. Allow the full feeling to travel from your belly to your brain and cut the extra calories. This is actually a good habit that should be always considered, not only during the holidays.
  • Nibble often on something: the trick is not to starve before having your meal, this way you’ll eat less and you can plan what to eat in order to feel full. Have a snack such as cashew nuts, peanuts, almonds or a healthy and gluten-free high protein bar from Probar, a real lifesaver during these kind of situations. Those bars are perfect for active people who care about their nutrition and want to carry the best and most convenient source of nutrients everywhere, every time.
  • Go for an intense workout before the party: this way all that appetizing food will constitute your post workout meal, useful to restock your energies and the nutrients that your body needs. The more intense the workout, the better it will work, so be sure to train both weights and cardio to hit your body from several angles. Remember, there’s not a better time to eat cheat food than after a very intense workout. This is the key to a good Christmas workout plan: make it hard and plan it wisely to get the best results
  • Take some probiotics together with your cheating meals: this will help you maximize the absorption of nutrients from all the food that you are going to have and avoid indigestion

The most important point of it all is to enjoy your holiday and the company of your family and friends.

Even if you can’t train or follow your diet, be sure not to stress too much about it as, unfortunately, the holidays will pass very quickly and you will have all the possibilities to get back in shape in the least possible time.

Workout by Matteo Iannelli

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