5 Healthy New Habits For 2017

A new year, a new beginning. It might sound like a cliché, but somehow it does feel easier to commit to new goals and habits with the arrival of the new year. So here are our suggestions for 5 healthy new habits to take on in 2017 for a healthier and fitter you!


  1. Start out the day with a big glass of water! Right after waking up, before doing anything, drink a big glass of water. It will not only wake you up, but will help your body to jumpstart your digestion for the day. Squeeze half a lemon into this first cup to add some flavor and a boost of Vitamin C! But even after this first glass, don’t forget to keep your body hydrated all throughout the day. Invest in a good quality water bottle that fits your style. I recommend one that is around 700ml, because it’s still not too bulky to carry around, but is big enough to make drinking enough water much easier. Always keep the bottle next to you on your desk or table and drink from it every time you look at it, or just feel bored – it’s also a great way to refrain yourself from mindless snacking.

    Photo: cookdiary.net
  2. Never skip breakfast! Speaking of jumpstarting your metabolism in the morning: make it an important habit not to skip breakfast. Your body had to go without fuel for long hours while you were sleeping, which also means that your metabolism slowed down. Eating breakfast will boost your metabolism to start working again and will give you energy to conquer the day. Try to opt for a balanced and healthy breakfast, with enough protein and fiber so that you don’t get hungry in just an hour.
  3. Get around 8 hours of sleep! Most people know how important it is to get enough sleep, and yet very few actually prioritize it. Losing sleep is dangerous in the long run: it increases the risk of cancer and heart attacks, and it can also affect your immune system as inflammation increases in your body if you’re sleep deprived. But apart from the general health conditions, sleep is important for your fitness as well! Your muscles are actually recovering and getting rebuilt while you sleep – so not getting enough hours of sleep can easily hinder the progress of those long hours of hard work in the gym. So even though you might feel there are just not enough hours in the day and it’s tempting to stay up late: put your health and fitness first and try to stick to a schedule that allows you to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. If you find it hard to sleep early, try to go to bed 30 minutes earlier every day so that your body can gradually get used to the adjusted bed time.
  4. Be prepared! If you are not doing it already, 2017 is the year to start being prepared diet-wise. Eating clean really is not that difficult if one takes the time and effort to prepare in advance. Spend a few hours every weekend planning your meals for the upcoming week. Do the grocery shopping and cook what you can in advance, so not having time cannot be an excuse for eating not-so-healthy food outside during a busy week. Moreover, always keep some healthy snacks in your bag: the Probar protein or energy bars, some fruits or nuts are great ideas – they will keep you full and provide enough energy until you have time to have a proper meal. It only takes a little extra time and effort, but it will make such a big difference in your overall health, fitness and mood. Because instead of eating unhealthy, oily food that only makes you sluggish, you’ll get to eat whole and healthy foods that will make you feel energized, good about yourself and motivated to be productive and keep on track with the healthy lifestyle!
  5. Keep track! Buy a new journal and start keeping track of all these things. Log how much water you drank that day, what you ate and/or what workout you did. I find that keeping track of these things helps me stay on track and stay motivated – because there will be a trace of it, if you do nothing active all day out of laziness or if you indulge in unhealthy foods one too many time a week. You don’t need to track every single aspect of health and fitness, just the ones where you feel you might need a little push or boost of motivation. You can always customize it for yourself, regarding the format and the level of details – and making it a habit to sit down at the end of each day, even is just for 5 minutes, to reflect on your progress will help you with the journey to a healthy lifestyle a lot in the long run.




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