Everything you need to know about training in the rain

Alright, it’s time to work out, but there is just one problem: it’s raining outside. The first thing that comes to mind is getting under a warm blanket, grabbing a cup of hot cocoa and watching the next episode of your favorite TV show. Instead, most of us should thank Mother Nature for the chance to challenge ourselves.

So, how should you prepare for working out in the rain? We’ll help you to answer this question.

  1. Running

    Don’t overdress! One of the biggest mistakes amateur runners make is wearing more layers with the hope of keeping the body dry. Following this will results in you wearing wet, heavy clothes. Trust us, that’s not the most pleasant feeling. Instead, your clothes must strike a balance between keeping you warm and not weighing you down. Imagine it’s a dry day and dress for the temperature outside. Consider wearing shorts instead of tights and a running tank top instead of a long-sleeve shirt. You may want to look for high-tech fabrics, like the one Nike offers, which help to keep your body dry.
    Get yourself a cap or visor. A baseball cap with a brim will be your best friend on rainy running days. The brim will keep the rain off your face and make your run more comfortable. When it’s hot outside, visors are best since they allow heat to escape more efficiently.
    Invest in breathable, rain-resistant running jacket. Your top choices are going to be Brooks LSD Running jackets (Brooks Running), Nike Hyper Shield (Nike Running) and Ultra Inov-8 Waterproof Jacket (Ultra Marathon). Make sure your jacket is made of breathable fabric since we want sweat to be able to escape the confines of our clothing. You will have two options here – waterproof/breathable and water-resistant (also breathable). Consider water-resistant gear for the short runs under light rain. If the forecast wasn’t that optimistic, get yourself a water-proof, breathable jacket.
    Prevent chaffing. Although chaffing can happen during any run, it gets much worse when you are wet from the rain. Apply Body Glide or Vaseline on parts of your body where you would normally chafe or get blisters – such as your feet, ankles, inner thighs, sports bra lines (women), etc. You may also wear wicking socks with blister tabs that cover your ankles completely wherever they directly contact your shoes.
    Protect your electronics. To prevent any unwanted malfunctions, buy a waterproof holder for your fancy iPod, smart phone, and other electronic devices. In case you don’t have one yet, put the whole thing in a Ziplock bag before strapping it to your arm or waist. Of course, the safest thing for your electronics would be to leave them home when the weather calls for rain.
    Change into dry clothes as soon as possible once you finish running. Exercising is good but it doesn’t matter if you catch a cold afterwards.

  2. Field sports

    Shoes, shoes & more shoes!!! Your number one priority for rainy days games is to get a pair of proper shoes. There are different surfaces people play sports on – artificial grass (AG), natural ground surface (FG), and FG with mud or simply soft ground (SG). For your own safety and injury prevention, it’s necessary to choose the right cleats for the right surface. We’d like to summarize the great advice given by a former professional soccer player – Bryan Byrne:


    AG surface – The safest bet is to go for compact stud configuration, which features round, conical studs over blades.
    FG with a well maintained surface – If you are lucky enough to play on well-maintained natural grass, it’s recommended to wear a combination of blades and conical studs.
    FG with mud or soft ground – Avoid using either shoes designed for AG/FG surfaces. Traction is a major problem in this case, and players can’t rely on AG/FG boots to make sharp cuts and turns. Instead, look at finding a pair of SG boots that are more suitable for muddy surfaces.

    There is no doubt that you’ll get dirty sooner or later during the game, so don’t focus too much on which clothes to wear. It’s much more important to find that perfect shoe that will keep you in top form. In addition we suggest following our previous advice and prevent blisters by applying some Body Glide or Vaseline on your body.

  3. Circuit training

    Warm up. Try to start your workout routing in a dry place – it can be your home, entrance hall of a building or even outside under a canopy. Make sure to include some dynamic stretching exercises into the warm up time – this will help to prevent unwanted injuries.
    Plan your workout. Not every exercise can be done in the rain. Therefore, stick with simple, basic activities such as suicide runs, squats, jumping jacks or push ups. There are tons of popular workout routines available now – one of the most recent hit being Freeletics. The name consists of two words, “Free” and “Athletics”. It goes back to the basics of fitness: strengthening your body with simple exercises. Exercises are summed up with a workout list using the names of Ancient Greece -“Ares”, “Morpheus” or “Athena” – where this type of fitness was practiced by all people regardless of their age.
    Stay hydrated. You may not feel as hot or thirsty in rainy weather, but you still need to remember to provide your body with enough water while training in these conditions. This is especially true with circuit and interval training because they are high-intensity workouts. Small sips of water over time is better at reducing the chances of dehydration than guzzling down a bottle of water at once.


We are not made of sugar, and we will not melt from a little water. Working out in the rain can be a pain, but if you are prepared no weather can stop you from hitting your training goals.

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