HIIT: A Treadmill And Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Last week you could read an introductory post on our blog about HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training. As we mentioned, HIIT can help you improve both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance and it is really effective in burning fat – but at the same time, unlike a long steady state cardio session, it prevents you from actually burning muscle as well.

HIIT is a great way to get fit and burn fat if you have a really busy lifestyle and not much time to work out. It is usually a circuit training that alternates intense intervals that make your heart beat real fast and slower resting periods. The workout we are going to introduce to you today actually has three phases: an intense sprint, some bodyweight exercises and a rest period.

It can be easily done outside in a park or on the track as well, but if the weather’s too cold or rainy (though we have some tips on how to prepare yourself for training in the rainy weather too!) we recommend using a treadmill indoors. As you see this workout doesn’t require any special equipment, what you will definitely need however, is a big bottle of water and a towel – because it will make you break a sweat, in which case proper hydration becomes more important than ever!


The first stage of this HIIT workout is a 30-second sprint. Whether you are running outside or on the treadmill, make sure the sprint is at a speed where you really need to push yourself – go as fast as you can! Once the 30 seconds is over (use either your phone’s timer or a sports watch to measure the time) stop or hop off the treadmill (you can leave the treadmill running but make sure you hop off safely, it might take some practice!) and go on to the next step.

Recommended exercise: lunges


The second stage is doing some kind of bodyweight exercise for 30 seconds. There are no limits and you can get creative with this part, but here are some exercises we would like to recommend: mountain climbers, jumping jacks, squats –jump squats for a more advanced version-, lunges or jumping lunges, burpees, knee highs, curtsies.


After completing the 30 seconds of the bodyweight exercises, take another 30 seconds to rest. Try to take deep breaths and drink a bit of water to keep yourself hydrated ~ then once the time is up, get started with the next round of sprints!

As you can see, these three steps add up to a 1.5 minute round. Do three rounds featuring the same bodyweight exercise for Step 2 – then repeat three more times with different exercises. Overall it will be an 18-minute HIIT circuit workout – but as always, you can adjust it for your own skills and needs. If you are a beginner, maybe start out with doing three circuits (13.5 minutes) only, or if you want an even more advanced workout try to choose jumping exercises for Step 2 that are more challenging.

Probar BASE 20g Plant Protein Bar

Make sure you stay hydrated during the workout and to eat a healthy snack afterwards to nourish your body and help your muscles to recover: a Probar BASE Protein bar is an excellent choice as it contains 20 grams of plant protein and 4 grams of fiber!

If you try, let us know how you liked the workout, snap a picture and make sure to tag #PROBARTaiwan and #eaternalwellness so we can all see your post!



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