At Home Workout: Full Body Circuit Training

Some people feel like lifting weights in the gym, doing set after set of the same movement is too monotonous and can get boring for them. Some people feel a little shy and intimidated of the gym or just don’t have the time to actually go and thus prefer to get their daily workout done in the comfort of their own home. If when reading the above sentences you felt like: ‘yes, that’s me!’ then the following workout is just perfect for you!

Below you can find a full body circuit training workout that you can do wherever you would like, at home or out in nature, as it requires no special equipment at all. It has three rounds, each of which consists of three exercises. First of all, complete the warm up, and then get started with the workout itself –this is how it goes:

  1. Complete the three exercises of round one, with no rest in between.
  2. Once you are done with all three, take 30 seconds to rest.
  3. Complete the three exercises of round two, again, with no rest.
  4. When finished, take another 30 seconds rest.
  5. Complete the exercises of round three, right after one another.
  6. Take 30 seconds rest.
  7. Repeat the whole routine two more times.

Full body circuit training {at home}

Warm up

  • 1 minute JOGGING IN PLACE
  • 1 minute JUMPING JACKS
  • 1 minute HIGH KNEES

Round 1

  1. 30 seconds SQUAT JUMPS
  2. 15 (each hand) SHOULDER TAPS

Round 2

  1. 30 seconds SPEED SKATERS
  3. 30 seconds FLUTTER KICKS

Round 3

  1. 30 seconds JUMP LUNGES
  2. 15 (wide) PUSH-UPS
  3. 30 seconds ELBOW PLANK WITH TWIST

The video above demonstrates each exercise, so you can see how to do them properly. After watching it, you can either print out the workout or download it to your phone, so you have the plan to follow with you right there, with no need to memorize each of the exercises and their sequence. Use a stopper watch or your phone to measure the time and ask your friends to join to make the workout even more fun!

You can also adjust it for your own fitness level: if you feel it’s too easy – or getting too easy after having completed it a few times-, increase the length of the intervals. First, you can do 40 seconds, then work your way up to a minute or more. Or in case you feel it’s a bit too challenging, try to take longer rests between the rounds – but still try to complete each round as it is, giving it all your power. Even if it feels difficult at first, the more you complete the routine and the more you try, the better you will get at it. Just do your very best, work hard and consistently, and I promise you will see and feel your body improving – and it will be one of the best feelings of all.

We hope you will like this quick but effective workout ~ if you do, please let us know in the comment section below! Or snap a quick picture, share it on social media and tag us, so we can all see your progress and results!

3 thoughts on “At Home Workout: Full Body Circuit Training

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    Hello everyone! So today I would like to share a workout that I posted on recently. It’s a full body circuit training workout, with a description and a video and I think it turned out pretty great! So if you cannot hit the gym and have limited time only, but still wanna get a good workout in, give it a go and let me know how you liked it!


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