A case in point of Body Transformation: Tom Hardy

This week I’d like to talk about body transformation and how to achieve the shape that we’d like. Hence, I’d like to bring the spotlight on one actor that has lately become famous for his recurrent bulking ups and slimming downs for roles: Tom Hardy.

Tom Hardy, English actor and producer, known for acting in successful movies such as RocknRolla, Bronson, Inception, but especially Warrior, The Dark Knight Rises and The Revenant, among many others, is a great example of how everyone can change and transforms his/her body through hard work and consistency.

article-0-03be2ba0000005dc-579_468x703In Bronson, Tom Hardy plays the role of a notorious prisoner, renamed Charles Bronson by his fight promoter, that became one of the United Kingdom’s most dangerous criminals. For the role, the English actor had to put up around 40 lb of muscle and fat, in order to resemble the physique of a man that could only train in prison and mostly with bodyweight exercises. He put on about 7lbs of weight per week, eating continuously and not very cleanly (a lot of chicken and rice, but also pizza, junk food, snacks and sodas). His workout consisted mostly of “press ups, push ups, abs work and resistance training”, as Hardy said in an interview about the role, doing a lot of repetitions in order to make the muscles grow faster and denser.

tom-hardy-warrior-image-1For the movie Warrior, in which he plays the role of a Mixed Martial Art fighter, he had to gain about 28 lbs of clean mass, to resemble the body of a kickboxer. The actor largely cut the carbs from his diet, but not completely, so he could lower his body fat ratio. He ate mostly lean proteins like chicken breast and green vegetables, like broccoli, for 5-6 times a day.

Hardy’s workout, in order to get ready for this role, was base on a theory called “signaling”: the principle is to send signals to the muscles of your body as often as possible, so they can develop and grow faster. Following this, he was training 4 times a day: after waking up, before lunch, before dinner and before going to bed. He was supervised by P-nut, Patrick Monroe, an ex-marine that explains the signaling theory saying: “if you do things often enough, your body adapts for the task you set it, and you evolve”.

tomhardybaneHowever, the most incredible body transformation of Tom Hardy happened for playing the role of Bane in The Dark Night Rises movie, where he was weighing around 198 lbs of mostly muscles: huge, but not really ripped, so to be able to play his character larger than life. To achieve this, he had to eat a lot of food, throughout the whole day, in order to get a surplus of calories. His diet was mostly made of proteins and good fats, cutting off the carbs. Regarding his workout routine, this time we don’t have much information as nor Hardy, nor his representatives, disclosed his official training program for Bane. However, we can speculate that he used heavy weights and longer rest pauses in hard training sessions, in order to make his body bulk up, as part of a pure mass building training program.

Tom Hardy is a good example of how everybody can change his/her own body and, consequently, the quality of life. The human body doesn’t want to change. In fact, it’s programmed to reach a comfortable state of homeostasis that, if you want to modify, you must give your body a reason to do so. However, self-discipline and a lot of hard work, together with hi-quality supplements and good trainers can definitely make the difference.

Article by Matteo Iannelli

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