10 Reasons Why You Are Not Progressing in the Gym

Tired of not building muscles, even if you train hard and put a lot of efforts in your diet and lifestyle? There could be some mistakes in your routine that could be undermining the progress you are pursuing so much. Read through this article to discover if you are making any of these:

  1. You haven’t got a solid train program: always stick to a plan, training randomly doesn’t get you anywhere. You can study how to make a good training program by yourself, depending on your needs and goals, or ask an expert to structure one for you: either way, a well planned, periodized plan is essential to making progress in the fitness game.
  2. You don’t eat enough: one recurrent mistake among beginners is starting to train regularly, but sticking to the same diet and the same food. If you want to put on size, you need to support your muscle growth. If you want to get lean, you need to limit the junk food and eat whole, nutrient, fresh foods. Simple as that.
  3. You don’t lift with a full range of motion: half reps lead to half gains. Remember to always perform exercises with the full range of motion and with controlled movements. You will use less weight, but have much better results in the long run.
  4. You are not doing compound exercises: take your workout from good to great, leave the machines to the others and get some sweating done performing exercises such as squats, presses, cleans and deadlifts.
  5. You can’t wait: you are so impatient to see some results that you don’t even notice the small changes. Remember, the progress is normally very slow and you can’t expect to get bigger and stronger after only 2 weeks or one month of training. Rethink and review your expectations and adopt a long-term approach when in regard to fitness goals.
  6. You are not putting enough efforts into your training: if you go to the gym to play with your smartphone and chat with your friends, then you will never produce enough growth stimulus to make your muscles grow. You have to train hard and focus on it, so, next time, up your effort level.
  7. You are performing excessive sets: On the other hand, you might be performing too many sets or exercises. Ideally, at the beginning, you should go for an average of 3 sets per exercise and a maximum of 8 exercises per workout.
  8. You don’t keep track of your routine: it’s very important to keep a training log to track your progress, workouts, weights used and repetitions performed to maximize the results of your routine.
  9. You are not training legs: legs are hard to train and everybody is more interested in biceps, we get it. However, this approach is extremely wrong, as training legs (squat, leg press, deadlift etc) has a beneficial effect on growth throughout the entire body. Please, don’t be another chicken legged gym bro, don’t skip leg day!
  10. You are not training progressively: Once you start, you need to keep progressing and lift heavier weight. That’s what your training log can be most useful for. Challenge yourself to improve!


Article by Matteo Iannelli

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