5 Ageless Bodybuilders Who Look Better than Most People in their 30s

This article aims to encourage you to never give up. Your excuses to skip training will look silly compared to what those guys have done with enough determination.

As a matter of fact, some bodybuilders still train having passed 60 years of age and they look better than people 20 years younger.

There’s no secret in the fact that a correct diet and a healthy lifestyle, combined with a solid and well-planned workout routine maintained over the years, will ultimately lead to slow down the aging process. In fact, this is exactly what happened to those

arnold-schwarzenegger-shirtless-bodyArnold Schwarzenegger: The Austrian-American actor, producer, businessman, and former professional bodybuilder and politician deserve the first place of the list for the prominent presence achieved in all those fields. He’s 70 years old this year, still training and having a surprisingly lean and muscular body. He won Mister Universe at age 20 and the Mister Olympia contest 7 times. He is still considered to be bodybuilding’s biggest icon, because of the harmony of proportions of his body that remain undisputed, even though a lot of contemporary bodybuilders achieved bigger size and muscle mass.

hqdefault3Sylvester Stallone: The Hollywood legend, two-time Oscar-nominated actor, producer, director, and screenwriter is going to be 71 years old in 2017, still exhibiting one of the best physiques of the movie stardom. To achieve and maintain his muscular body, Stallone trains very intensely, visiting the gym 6 days a week and often twice a day. His training routine focuses on maximum efforts with minimal rest between series and exercises, so to be able to burn fat and grow muscle simultaneously.

6f9Andreas Calhing: The Sweden-born bodybuilder won the prestigious IFBB Professional Mr. International contest in 1980 and is famous for his extravagant today’s look that got him also a role in Kung Fury as Thor, after being noticed in a youtube video by the director of the movie David Sandberg. His legendary body has been featured endless times on the covers of magazines, as well as his articles about training and nutrition.

louferrigno-7-730x706Lou Ferrigno: Impossible not to cite the Incredible Hulk in this list. Lou Ferrigno, former professional bodybuilder, American actor and fitness trainer could never equal Schwarzenegger, but still managed to win an IFBB Mr. America title and two consecutive IFBB Mr. Universe titles. When asked about the way he trains nowadays, Ferrigno replies:” I train exactly as I have for 50 years, but with not as much weight. I’ll train about five days a week, an hour weights and 20 minutes cardio — elliptical, Lifecycle, Stairmaster. I’ll do 50-60-pound curls, and bench 200-225 pounds — whereas I used to bench 600.” He also adds that:” Technique, consistency, good sleep and good diet are the four secrets to overall health.” A great motivational also for the younger fitness enthusiasts.

louie-simmons-2Louie Simmons: a little less known than the others, Louie Simmons is considered “The Godfather of Strenght”, having squatted as much as 920 lb and still going strong into his 60s. He’s the owner of the Westside Barbell gym, where he’s a strength coach.

Written by Matteo Iannelli

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