Gym alternatives: what to do without gym?

There are a lot of people who want to live a healthy life, want to get fit and active, but for some reason –lack of time or financial resources or simply feeling intimidated and shy- cannot go to a proper gym. But that doesn’t mean that it should be the end of the story, as there are multiple alternatives and ways you can get or stay fit and workout without going to the gym, so we are going to share a few of these ideas with you today!


1. Running / biking outdoors

This might be the easiest solution of them all: lace up your running shoes or get your bike and head out the door! You can run or bike on the streets in your neighborhood, exploring areas you haven’t really paid much attention to before – or you can find a park or riverside park to enjoy a little bit of greenery still close to the city.

Or if you are more adventurous and have more time, you can go and do a few days long biking trip (have you thought about cycling around Taiwan?) or try orienteering. Orienteering is a sport where you need to use your orientation skills with the help of a map and a compass, completing quests and finding check points while trying to be as fast as you can! An exciting twist on the simple ‘go and run outside’ concept.

2. Buying dumbbells for home

Buying dumbbells for home is also a great idea. They usually don’t cost much and there is a huge variety of exercises you can do with free weights. Using dumbbells as extra resistance will help you get stronger and improve faster compared to doing bodyweight exercises only.


3. Trying out resistance bands or TRX

TRX is a flexible resistance band that you can attach to the wall or your door and do multiple exercises with working basically any muscle group. However, it does require a little knowledge of how-to, so if you are a beginner, you might want to start with using regular resistance bands. They come in different colors which usually indicate the strength of it – and again, attaching it to the wall, door or even a column or tying it around your legs or arms allows a wide array of new exercises! Look out for a post about a resistance band workout soon!

4. Getting a jump rope

A lot of people underestimate it, but you can have an awesome cardio workout with a single jump rope! You can try different variations, do it as long as you can without stopping or doing intervals. It will not only increase your heartbeat and help you break a sweat but will also work your calves so get ready to feel them burn!


5. Finding no-equipment workout videos on YouTube

We also have some bodyweight training ideas and videos for you, but I cannot emphasize enough how great of a source YouTube is for finding workout material. There are so many great channels that share instructional videos, so everybody can find the one that suits them the most. Whether it is a simple home workout, or maybe one with some equipment you do have (a fit ball, dumbbells, etc.) if you spend a little time searching, you will surely find the one for you.

If you are serious about working out and want to build a strong physique without going to a gym, Cobra Camp is the channel I would highly recommend. Adriel makes informative instructional workout and advice videos using no equipment, training at the track or the outdoor gym at the park that are a must see if you are planning on doing something similar. The best part: Cobra Camp has videos available for you in both English and Chinese – for everyone in Taiwan that might be interested!

Cobra Camp YouTubeCobra Camp FB

Hopefully we could help giving you some more ideas for staying active and fit even without the gym – for more check out our other related articles below!

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