How to choose your work-out shoes?


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Choosing your work-out shoes can be tricky. Between good looking Nikes or Adidas or less praised brands the choice is tough.

When it comes to choosing the type it is even harder. Some shoes have thiner cushion, some let your feet breathe more, some have better grip… So what to choose? Let’s see why a good pair of shoes is important and which one to pick to have a great and safe work-out!


  • Why is it important ?

Improper workout footwear can cause a number of injuries. Besides the more obvious injuries, including ankle strains and fractures, bunions and corns, some other lesser known injuries are common. Metatarsalgia, a condition which presents as pain in the ball of the foot, can be worsened by poorly fitting footwear, according to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

  • Why your old shoes are not sufficient : 


Even if you have the proper type of shoes, you need to make sure to replace your worn shoes often enough.  Indeed, exercising with worn shoes can really affect your performance and cause you injuries. It is especially the case for exercises where the impact on the floor is strong such as running.

When your foot hits the ground while running, it generate a strong force, indeed more than 3 times your body weight! Old shoes will not absorb this impact, and all your lower body will receive a hard shock potentially leading to injuries.


No matter what you’re going to do, consider the Four S’s of Shoes

(Andrew Peloquin, Fit Today) 

Size: Too small and they crush your toes (causing pain), too large and they don’t offer sufficient stability.

Stability: Keep those ankles supported and provide a stable platform for your foot to press off of.

Shape: Find a shape that matches the curvature of your foot, as it will provide adequate support.

Style: The style of the shoes should match the use they will receive (i.e., basketball shoes for basketball, running shoes for running, etc.)

With the wrong pair of shoes, injuries are all but guaranteed–perhaps not today, but in the near future. With the right pair of shoes, it’s one less thing to distract you from paying close attention to doing that workout just right.

What type of shoes you need for what type of work-out?

1. Running shoes

A) Outside


If you are running outside you need good cushion to support your body and the possible shocks it might receive.

Side Note : It is good to replace running shoes every 300 or 500miles. It can be hard to keep track yes, so changing every season could be a good option. To be able to track, many apps are available.

B) Treadmill

Running on a treadmill doesn’t require as much cushions as outside because a treadmill already has a thick cushion. Too much cushions can lead your food unsteadiness and lead to problems.

How to find good training shoes 

2. Work out shoes (machines) Famorest - New Balance.jpeg

” When you stride along on an elliptical trainer, your feet don’t leave the pedals, but your weight does shift as your legs take turns supporting your body on the down strokes. That makes it important to wear a shoe with satisfactory lateral support, to keep your foot stable throughout each stride. Cross-training shoes are the best choice for footwear when working out on the elliptical because they combine the characteristics of several different sport-specific training shoes, including the lateral support of tennis shoes. Another reason cross trainers are an effective choice is that they also have the roomy toe boxes that running shoes feature, giving your toes space to flex as you press down on the pedals.”

Elle Di Jensen,

3. Spin classes and bicycles

Famorest Shoes.jpg

If you want to do a pedal you need the power of your legs and gluten to be transferred and therefore you need to have a thick sole.  Be careful : thick doesn’t mean too much cushion, it would absorb the power.

Check out this article to learn more :

4. Weightlifting 

Famorest - New Balance.jpeg

Maybe you can see tat some people who weight-lift do it barefoot. Well, there is a reason. The closer to the ground you are, the more stability you get, and you minimise your chances of injuries. Wearing shoes it nevertheless good and a pair of shoes with a thin sole is the best. It will help you to keep a good balance.

5. Crossfit 

Because crossfit combine lifting, sprinting and jumps Work out of the day, you need shoes that allow you everything at the same time.

Steer clear from traditional running shoes, you want to be as close to the ground as possible once again. Because the purpose of crossfit is to make you stronger, your foot also should get stronger.  No cushioning and flat soles is what you are looking for.

6. This is very specific! I do a bit of everything  

Don’t worry if you don’t want to buy 5 different pair of shoes.  You can opt of a pair of cross-trainer, that you can use for all the above exercises.  Remember that you want something durable and flexible!


If you want to prevent you health and maximise your result, do your homework and do a little bit of research. The money and time spent for your work-out shoes is really worth it.

What is your favorite work-out shoes?   Would love to hear your thoughts!



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