5 Must-Haves For Summer Hiking In Taiwan

With our lives getting so hectic and busy, constantly being glued to either our computer or mobile phone screen, it is important to disconnect when we have a little free time. Getting out to the nature where there is no wifi or even no signal with a couple of good friends can be quite therapeutic. Firstly, for your mind, because for those couple of hours you don’t need to worry about work and all the other things that have been stressing you out – and for the body too, as walking, biking, hiking is a great exercise that also allows you to get some fresh air, away from the pollution of the big city.


Taiwan, and even the capital city, Taipei are great for such outdoor activities, in particular hiking. It only takes a short amount of time out of the city to find yourself in nature, so why not plan a little hiking for the next weekend? However, for hiking you have to think in advance and prepare everything you might need – there will be no stored in the middle of nature to quickly buy whatever you forgot. So today we are sharing you a list of 5 must-have things that you should definitely take with you if you go hiking in the summer in Taiwan.

  1. Sunscreen

The sun in Taiwan can be really strong, especially in the summer, so if you are planning on spending time outdoors, make sure you have your sunscreen with you – even if it is cloudy. The UV rays are still very strong in cloudy weather, so apply your sunscreen every one or two hours to avoid getting weird hiking gear tan lines and a sun burnt face.

     2. Mosquito repellent

If you are out in nature –nearby a river or up on the mountain- you are bound to find lots of different bugs and insects around, quite a few of which might bite you. So to avoid getting itchy mosquito bites or a tick taking you for its next dinner, take and apply some mosquito/bug repellent to protect yourself against these evil little creatures.


     3. A hat or a cap

What a lot of people tend to forget about is that it’s not just a skin on our bodies that we need to protect, but we have to take care of our hair and scalp as well. So for protection always have something for your head: a sporty or cool cap or a chic and pretty straw hat will be your best friend on sunny hikes!

     4. A big bottle of water

Hydration is always important, but it particularly is when you are outdoors, doing physical activities, sweating a lot in the hot weather. And since you might not be able to find any source of water to drink in the woods or up on the mountain, be prepared and take a big bottle of water with you. It can be a little bit heavy to carry indeed, but it is worth it – your body will thank you for it.


     5. PROBAR – a healthy snack

And to refuel after hydration, you will of course need some healthy snacks with you that will provide you the energy you need to keep going and conquer that mountain or get to the end of the trail. Picking up a PROBAR (or two) is a great idea for hikes as they have whole, natural ingredients and complex carbs to fuel you on the way… and they are also incredibly delicious. We recommend picking up the BOLT energy chews, the MEAL wholefood meal replacement bar or the FUEL chia seed energy bar.


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